Have you ever dreamed of learning to fly?...

Today, there are thousands of people just like you, training for their Private Pilot's Licence.

Flight training can be challenging, but our highly qualified team of instructors are here to pass on the highest levels of instruction for the ab-initio student as well as pilots interested in obtaining further ratings such as night or IMC. No matter what your current experience is, we can help you achieve your goals while keeping your training affordable.

For the licensed pilot, MASF also provides recurrent training, revalidations and renewals including the multi-engine and instrument ratings.

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Gift Ideas:

For your friends or family members on their birthday, we offer gift vouchers from only 105.

For someone who's always wanted to have a go or just someone you think would like a gift with a difference, our gift vouchers provide everyone with the chance to take the controls of a light aircraft under the supervision of one of our experienced instructors.

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